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More Tweaks Noted For Upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013 Patch

Posted on November 19, 2012 AT 11:58am

Street Fighter X Tekken will be getting a “Ver. 2013″ patch come January 29th, and over on the Capcom Unity blog, a few new details about the patch were released (in case you missed them).

You know, I feel kind of bad for SFxT. I know some in the community didn’t take to it, but I enjoyed what I played. However, enough other games came out that I didn’t end up spending a lot of time with it—and now, when I sit down to play a fighting game, it’s usually Persona 4 Arena (or I go back to Street Fighter IV).

Anyhow, for those who are still whole-heartedly enjoying the conformation between classic Capcom and Namco characters, here are the translated notes from the game’s producer, Tomoaki Ayano.

Ryu’s Sweep
Originally, this powerful move posed the triple threat of having good reach, being fast and cancelable. Even with an increase from 5 frames to 7 frames on start-up it’s still a powerful move, but with this we’re able to balance it out while still making use of Ryu’s strong command of ground-based crouching attacks. Since launchers enjoy the benefit of invincibility against crouching attacks in SFXTK, I recommend exploiting that perk when facing off with Ryu!

Dhalsim’s Jump Double Zoom Punch
This powerful move hits crouching opponents when executed while ascending, and then can be Switch Canceled into a partner change which could lead into a powerful combo. Despite a damage reduction from 100 to 80 it still chains to a combo, maintaining its status as a game changer in battle. However, we’re considering upping the risk to you in instances where an opponent blocks this move when it’s Switch Canceled.

Bryan’s M/H Fisherman’s Slam
By no longer being able to hit airborne opponents we’ve reduced the amount of combo damage, but we’re also going to make it easier to execute Bryan’s various throws, thus increasing your options in advancing on opponents. Aside from this, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback regarding Bryan’s crumple options—all of which we’re carefully considering for the Ver. 2013 release. I assure you, we won’t disappoint!

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