It turns out that NBA fans would rather play basketball with an old fashioned controller than with an actual basketball inside. That’s pretty obvious judging by the sales for NBA Baller Beats last month.

According the NPD Group (via Joystiq), the rhythmic ball-dribbling game only sold 3000 copies last month.

That’s pretty bad for its debut month—even the horrid Hulk Hogan’s Main Event managed to pull 12,000 copies in a month, and that game was plain garbage.

Then again, the niche audience that would buy NBA Baller Beats must be pretty small, since you need a wide open room with hard floors (and no neighbors) in order to play effectively.

By contrast, NBA 2K13 from 2K Sports did a much better job in sales.

Despite not having the glamour of Kinect-supported gameplay and motion control features packed-in, the much more traditional NBA-licensed basketball title has sold over half a million copies in its first 30 days.

Source: Joystiq


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