Ubisoft doesn’t want you to forget Assassin’s Creed III is a mere month away (give or take a week), so the publisher has released some new, touched-up screenshots. As usual, they involve killing Redcoats.

As shown in the images below (and during various preview reels), there’s several inventive ways for Connor Kenway to get his hands on his assassination targets.

By far, the most brutal thing to be seen here is the use of a musket/bayonet combo.

In Assassins’ Creed III, that’s done by stabbing one man straight through the gut, then shooting another enemy with the rifle while it’s still embedded in the other guy.

Seriously, ouch.

There’s probably some sort of PS3 Trophy or Xbox 360 Achievement for that, most likely titled “Dammmn,” or something similar. Even though these “screenshots” are pretty much gussied-up artwork, it still looks good.


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