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New Batman: Arkham City Gameplay, Story And Location Details

Posted on May 31, 2011 AT 02:36am

The latest issue of US Official Xbox Magazine has revealed yet more new details regarding Batman: Arkham City.

The new details relate to gameplay, story and locations that will appear in the game and gives us a pretty big insight into what to expect from the newest Batman title.

You can check out the details below;

- The ENTIRE game takes place at night. (ONE NIGHT, to be exact)

- You can spend XP on around 30 different upgrades; and with all of your gadgets and most of the upgrades returning from AA, you’ll also be able to upgrade some tools even further – one such upgrade for the improved Batclaw allows you to “snatch a weapon from an enemy’s hands”

- Other locations that appeared on the in-game map include The Bowery, Steel Mill, GCPD, Amusement Mile, Church/Medical Center, Ace Chemicals, Park Row, Tyger Storage Facility, and Wonder Tower

- “Getting 100% completion – which presumably includes completing THE NEW CHALLENGE MODE – will take 50+ hours, says [Sefton Hill].”

Other information from the article

- As someone has mentioned on these forums, Penguin does in fact have a “vent” in his neck as a result of smoking too many cigars (confirmed by RS)

- At some point in the game, we’ll be visiting a desolate, abandoned train station; in the photo shown, a giant clock dangles from the ceiling in the center of the room (may mean nothing, but worth noting)

- Other notable locations shown in photos include Gotham Casino and Gotham Cable News Building, but RS won’t say if those are entered at some point during the gameplay

- While gliding, you have much more control and can actually grapple to various objects midflight – a flagpole, a rooftop above – which gives you that “boost” we’ve heard so much about; on the flip side, you can also do the opposite and dive toward the street to build momentum before pulling back on the left stick to swoop back up

- Apparently failing to operate this movement efficiently affects gameplay, as the authors note “we squeeze the left trigger, which cancels our gliding…panic turns to relief as we spaz out on the A button and manage to restore just enough of a glide to land clumsily on the sidewalk…”

- Batman now has considerably more range on his grapple gun, allowing us to latch onto objects more than 150 feet away

- The Riddler trophies located in the game unlock various challenges that Riddler’s created for Bats (this is after you interrogate the thugs and actually get the trophies, these challenges open up); the example used in the magazine preview was the hostage rescue previously mentioned; these trophies are said to be distributed in the “hundreds” around Arkham City

- Also, “these challenges aren’t short: in fact, the one [OXM is] about to do is a 15-minute, multi-step puzzle vaguely reminiscent of the Assassin’s Tomb scenarios in AC2″

- That moment at Crime Alley the other magazine speculated as having Two-Face talk to Batman about his parents’ death is confirmed to be in fact Hugo Strange (duh!)

Batman: Arkham City will be releasing this October for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: Arkham City

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