Bethesda and Arkane Studios have relaunched the official website for Dishonored with a huge amount of information about the game’s world and characters, particularly outlining more central conflicts in the plot. A much larger look at the Isles, along with explanations about the islands’ technology, is also accompanied by plenty of concept art.

Judging by the text, it sounds like the game will take you through various islands in the Isles as you attempt to clear main character Corvo Atano’s name:

Dishonored is set in a hostile world that spans harsh seas, distant savage lands and neo-industrial cities. Far from the untamed wilds of the Pandyssian Continent, The Isles are the heart of civilization. Although an Imperial government rules across the Isles, each island boasts its own monarch and economy. Diplomatic and trade relations vary.

As stated before, the world of Dishonored takes place in a universe where the booming economy is backed by the powerful fuel source of whale oil. Not only does it power machinery, but it can also be used as a weaponized catalyst:

The combustible, yet highly volatile fuel source led to a booming economy in which innovation thrived and the people of Dunwall prospered. As the technology evolved however, the energy was weaponized by the government, ushering a new era of military modernization with devastating results.

Check out the official website to learn more about the government corruption that set off the events of the game, as well as close-up in-game artwork showcasing the various types of enemies you’ll be assassinating—including the memorable Tall Boys.


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