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New Hitman: Absolution Details

Posted on August 6, 2011 AT 01:42pm

Some brand new Hitman: Absolution details have today appeared online.

The details come from the latest issue of Xbox World Magazine who are running a piece on the game.

Hitman: Absolution is being developed by IO Interactive using their Glacier 2 game engine and will be published by Square-Enix. The game is set to release in 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

A run down of the details can be found below.

- 47 can still dual wield pistols

- Fibre wire is confirmed to make a return (no mention of syringes yet)

- The AI will wait in ambush should you start shooting, they will no
longer run towards you all at once as they did in Blood Money.

- A hint that there will be a gun customisation
feature, but it will be much different to BM, no longer allowing the
player to max out weapons after 2 or 3 levels.

- Instinct will be
rewarded for stealthy gameplay as well as silent kills etc. It sounds
like Instinct will also be rewarded at the end of each level and carry
over into the next level.

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New Hitman: Absolution Details

Posted on June 26, 2011 AT 10:56am

A whole lot of new details regarding Hitman: Absolution have hit the Internet today.

This new batch of details comes courtesy of the latest issue of Edge magazine and can be found below.

- Game is primarily set in Chicago

- Begins with Agent 47 on the run from the Chicago police

- IOs Glacier 2 engine supposedly offer fantastic facial animations

- Use of covermechanics.

- Bigger focus on staying hidden, rather than staying in disguise (sounds a lot like Splinter Cell: Conviction so far)

- Instinct mode highlights enemies and their patrols through walls, like Arkham Asylums detective mode.

- Its powered by silenttake downs

- No big scale map screen as in previous games.

- Mini map still highlights points of interest

- New threatmeteris a grey circle that wavers in directions where enemies may spot 47 (again as in Conviction)

- There will be lots of improvised weapons players can use that are unique to each location

- Players can take hostages as human shields as in previous games

- This hostage taking prompted some complex AI patterns in the demo,
with cops fanning out realistically to keep sight of the target.

- Levels will be divided into checkpoints for the first time.

- Some stages will be as large as in old Hitman games, others will be much smaller

- New structure allows for greater variety and complex set pieces, as well as story driven moments

- Having a disguise doesnt mean youll be able to fool everybody

- Plot will be more personal to 47, with the Hitman knowing some of his targets.

- 47 and Diana will have new voice actors

- Hand to hand combat will be involved.

- Instinct mode increases disguise effectiveness. As cops in the demo
questions 47′s movements while hes disguised as a police man, he enters
instinct and uses his police radio to fool them

- Each disguise has safe spots, like a box of doughnuts for police men.

- Youll be completely safe in that disguise for as long as you want

- New engine offers on the fly editing for AI. AI can also affect groupbehaviornow.

- Whatever you do, the AI will react to that dynamically

- The way crowds will be used will be different

Source: GamingBolt

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