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Release Date: November 8, 2011

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New Kill Confirm mode will change the face of MW3 multiplayer

Posted on September 2, 2011 AT 12:00am

THE BUZZ: Similar to the Execution mode in Gears of War 2, Kill Confirm mode is Call of Duty’s new take on Team Death Match.

WHAT WE KNOW: The Kill Confirm mode requires players to not only take out their opponents, but to go to the dead bodies and collect golden dog tags in order to score a point towards the overall score for their respective team. Along with this, players can take red dog tags from fallen allies in order to prevent the opposition from scoring. Also, if a teammate collects the dog tags for a person someone else killed, both players get the experience points preventing in-fighting and encouraging more teamwork.

WHAT IT MEANS: During my personal hands on time with Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer, my teammates and I found ourselves constantly drawn back into Kill Confirm mode as it as it allowed for countless new strategies to emerge beyond your standard TDM mode. A couple of particular favorites were killing an enemy, and then using them as bait to lure foes who would try to collect the friendly tags and then using an explosive or some steady crosshairs to pick off a group and collect several tags at once. There were also roles that began to develop as players who were not as quick on the trigger became “scavengers” and would run out to collect as many tags as possible while more sure handed players would keep them covered and pick off anyone in sight. This strategy also affected what perks players would use as the “scavengers” were encouraged to use perks like “increased running stamina” while the gunners would use “steady aim” and the like for their perks.

By: Ray Carsillo

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