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New Multiplayer Trailer For Modern Warfare 3 Has Some Secrets

Posted on September 2, 2011 AT 12:00am

THE BUZZ: Activision has released a new Multiplayer trailer for Modern Warfare 3.  

WHAT WE KNOW: Well, from analysing the trailer (which you can see at the bottom of the article) has some information every CoD fan wants to know.

Escort Airdrop

This Support Package killstreak is unlocked after scoring 18 kills. Once activated, an Osprey chopper will approach the area and unload a selection of care packages;

“our guys that visited COD XP tells us this can even be as many as five. It still seems a little overpowered, especially since 18 kills in a match is far from difficult. And remember, Support Package Killstreaks aren’t reset after death. We wouldn’t be surprised if this meant you’d see multiple of these Ospreys in a match.”

Remote Turret

Part way through the video we spot the player open up his trusty laptop and tap into a previously planted turret. Once active, the remote turret can be controlled and used to gun down anyone in its range. The camera will even highlight enemies as they approach, so aim for the little red square and you’re good to go. This does, of course, mean your character will be vulnerable while this is active – so either use it to protect yourself, or quit out before getting knifed.

Mobile Security Drone

Like the remote turret, this machine gun toting tool can be activated when the necessary killstreak has been achieved. Unlike the remote turret, however, the mobile security drone can be driven around the map on its set of meaty tyres. Think Johnny 5 without the voice.

The screen for the Mobile Security Drone is in colour, but doesn’t highlight any enemies like its stationary brother. Of course, you will still be incapacited while this machine is active so you’ll want to remember that.


We’re already aware of the Juggernaut making it into multiplayer, but here we can see it in action. Activate this and you’ll become the heavily armoured brute, practically unstoppable in every way. Vision is obscured slightly, as the limiting mask only has a small field of view. Similarly, if you come under a lot of heavy fire it’ll become difficult to really see what’s going on – meaning team work is a necessity if one of these beasts appear on the opposing team. The video doesn’t show how balanced Juggernauts are, but if riot shields irritated you in Modern Warfare 2 then you’d probably want to remain wary about this.

Stalker Perk

The Stalker perk has now been revealed through the trailer and, later, through hands-on at COD XP. But here we can see just how it works. Look carefully at the minimap when grenade splash damage is dealt: anyone hit by the grenade will be briefly tagged, appearing on the minimap as they scurry to safety.

Upgrade to pro – which is also used in this trailer – and bullets will tag enemies too. Great if you know there’s any enemy on the other side of a thin wall but you’re not exactly sure where.

Recon Drone

This handy little chopper is activated by the player towards the end of the match. This nimble but weak helicopter is similar to the UAV in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which lets you take to the skies to tag any opponents in the area. It does work differently however: unlike having to press a button, it seems tags will be automatic if enemies are kept within the large box in the centre of the screen. The video doesn’t suggest whether these positions are highlighted only to the player in charge of the chopper, but considering it prevents you from moving while you navigate it, we would be surprised if it wasn’t team wide recon.

Reaper Air To Ground Missile

This is basically an update of the Predator missile from Modern Warfare 2. At the end of the clip the Reaper system is activated, which fires a missile from an airborne vehicle to hit the ground – and any infantry – in a large area. Subtle changes from the Predator mean that the camera is now in colour rather than heat-sensing. Whether this will restrict the weapon’s use or not will have to wait until release. Look carefully though, you’ll see that the Reaper missile in fact obliterates Infinity Ward’s very own FourZeroTwo – or creative strategist Rob Bowling.

EGM’S TAKE: Well, this was a lot of information taken out of a 1:30 trailer, but if you’re a CoD fan in anyway shape or form, i’m sure you’d be glad to have this information.

By: Liam Dunne.

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