With the launch of Pokémon Rumble U—the first Wii U title to use the GamePad’s near-field communication (NFC) functionality—Nintendo have started discussing other potential uses for the tech.

“We are also exploring the possibility of using Wii U’s NFC functionality to provide a method for settling small payments in addition to creating new gameplay experiences,” Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata mentions in the financial results briefing outline.

To this end, Nintendo is considering using Suica, “the most popular public transport e-money card in Japan,” to facilate NFC payments. If used, it would mark the first instance a videogame console took online payments with an e-money card card. Nintendo feels such a move would help “expand the potential of Wii U’s digital business.”

“We can make it dramatically easier for consumers to make payments, particularly small payments,” Iwata added. “Nintendo can expand its business opportunities that take advantage of small payments that were difficult to monetize in the past.”



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