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Nintendo hasn’t quite righted the ship on their shrinking profit margins, as the first quarter of their 2012 fiscal year sees the Japanese developer taking a 17.23 billion yen ($220 million) loss in net sales. Nintendo released their financial report earlier today, highlighting their financial tracks throughout the world market from April 2012 to June 2012.

When you look at the data available, there’s actually quite a lot of interesting trends to note. Although Nintendo still isn’t making nearly as much money as they were at the start the Wii’s lifecycle, they’re not losing as much as they were this time last year.

On a global scale, Nintendo’s home court advantage is to credit for an impressive 50 percent net sales increase in Japan.

Everywhere else (America, Europe, etc.), the developer/publisher lost ground in comparison to 2011.

In their breakdown, Nintendo pointed out that Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 sold extremely well in the first quarter, as did Pokémon Black Version 2/Pokémon White Version 2, which sold an impressive 2.45 million copies in Japan alone. Expect that number to double once the Q2 report loops in sales across the Americas, Europe, and other regions.

However, Nintendo’s still feeling the pinch from the failed launch success of the 3DS, and even though they aren’t selling it at a loss, the consolidated drawbacks still have Nintendo squarely in the red—meaning they have yet to profit on the 3D gaming device.

So, the big question is—will the Nintendo Wii U turn things around for the Big N?

It’s a tough call, since we’re still lacking a lot of information about the console. At this point, a price, a release date, and a launch line-up would go a long way to building up some confidence among Nintendo’s investors.

Source: Nintendo