Famed game creator Peter Molyneux spilled some new details about his newest upcoming project, Curiosity.

Talking at the Rezzed event over in the UK, Eurogamer reports that Molyneux explained that Curiosity—the first title from his new studio 22 Cans—will have players trying to get to the center of a giant cube that’s formed from 60 million different cubes.

Why? Because at its core is some sort of mystery, one which Molyneux reportedly said was “so valuable, and so life-changingly important.” He continued on, explaining that “it’s so amazing, I think it will appear on news reports.” Oh Peter—you get so lovably over-excited about everything you do!

Curiosity will be released on iOS, Android, and PC on August 22nd, and is said to be able to support 1 million players playing at any one time. There is a catch, however: Supposedly, only one player will be able to fully unlock that mystery at the center of the giant cube. Huh.

Source: Eurogamer


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