Sony is thankfully address the PlayStation Vita’s lack of compelling games with a massive update to start the handheld system’s PSone Classics support. According to Sony, over “100” titles will be available next week.

Hopefully, we’re not misreading the PR quote from CVG, since the wording seems to mean all those games will be downloadable at once starting on August 28th”

“Looking to downloadable products, Jim Ryan revealed that from August 28th, over 100 PS One classics including Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, and Resident Evil 2 will be available to download for PS Vita,” reads a press release.

One of the Vita’s most critically lambasted omissions at its launch was the lack of PSone Classics support among most things, which lead many homebrew hackers to mod the system for .ISO support.

But when the PS Vita gets its 1.80 firmware update, we’ll see just how the PSone support is being distributed and allocated. “Cross Controller” mode (for using the Vita as a PS3 controller), music playlists, and more will be included in the update.

Going by Wikipedia, there are over 189 PSone titles in Sony’s North American library.

Since the PlayStation Vita is region-free, it would be nice if you could also access European and Japanese PSone Classics, but we’ll see how things shake out next week when the PlayStation Network is dishing out titles.

Source: CVG


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