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PSN Content Pulled From Amazon

Posted on October 19, 2011 AT 04:44pm

THE BUZZ: There are countless companies out there who want to entice you with the lure and convenience of purchasing digital content—and to do so, they’ll need your credit card number. Understandably, some consumers are starting to get a little worried about how many services and shops have that number stored in their databases.

So, one of the nice ways to get PlayStation Network content through other means was Amazon. For a long time, Amazon customers were able to purchase online game codes for content that was offered on PSN. Having more purchasing options is always a good thing, and this let people who felt comfortable shopping via Amazon be able to pick up PSN-related goods without needing to go through an additional service.

Unfortunately, it seems that option may no longer be available. Chris K over on PSN Stores noticed that not only is Amazon no longer stocking PSN point cards, but all of the previous-existing PSN content that was up on Amazon has now been pulled.

When Chris enquired with the company about this, he was given the following statement: “We have no announcements regarding this change in selection, however we can confirm that Amazon Digital Video Game Downloads is not currently offering Playstation Network Online Game Codes and Points Cards.”

EGM’s TAKE: I checked this out myself, and found the same thing. As one example, I had a number of “online game code” versions of PSP games on my Amazon wish list, and all of those games has now had their status changed to no longer being available.

I’d love to hope that this is just a temporary change, but time—and hopefully a response from Sony—may let us know for sure. Even beyond the convenience it offered, I did also appreciate the fact that I could indeed add digital games to my wish list, and give friends and family the option for getting them for me as a gift. Now how are all my fans out there supposed to buy me a copy of Harvest Moon Boy & Girl or Half-Minute Hero for PSP?

Source: PSN Store

Eric L. Patterson, Executive Editor
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