THE BUZZ: Rare has appointed Sega West design boss Simon Woodroffe as its new creative director.

Woodroffe has been in the industry for more than 20 years, his first game was a point-and-click adventure called Simon the Sorcerer. He also worked at Midway and Ubisoft before moving to Sega.

“He has worked on many innovative titles over the years, including some really impressive R&D prototyping projects. He is a terrific all-rounder and the ideal person to head up our design department,” said Rare senior studio director Craig Duncan. “Rare is committed to making the best possible games experiences that inspire everyone to play, and we believe the best way to do that is to attract the brightest and best talent in the business.”

“Games are my passion and they are Rare’s passion so this is my dream role. I love working with talented and creative people and there are plenty of them here at Rare. I am looking forward to getting stuck into making incredible games that will be worthy additions to the pedigree of the studio,” added Woodroffe.

EGM’s TAKE: Many fans feel that Microsoft has killed Rare off by making the studio its little Kinect puppets and not allowing the developer to truly shine. However, the company still continues to show what it can do, even when put into a little box, with many arguing that their Kinect Sports is still the best title available for Kinect. It certainly makes the best use of the technology. Adding the experience of Woodroffe to the team can only help strengthen the developer.


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