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Report: Casting Calls and Scripts Confirm Fallout 4, Boston Setting

Posted on December 11, 2013 AT 02:27pm

While thesurvivor2299.com teaser website turned out to be a hoax, Fallout 4 and its Boston setting are very much real, Kotaku reports.

Kotaku was able to obtain casting call documents and casting script pages from a reader’s wife, who auditioned for the female version of the game’s lead role. Kotaku was able to confirm the authenticity of the documents, as well as the casting director in charge of the hiring calls, who proved to be the same casting director that handled Dishonored and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

According to Kotaku, the word “Fallout” never appears in any of the documents or scripts, but references to known locations within its canon do, including the Institute (MIT) and the Commonwealth, the name of what remains of Massachusetts, New England (referenced in Fallout 3 and its DLC).

The casting call for the male and female protagonists suggest that players will awaken from a cryogenic sleep chamber. One of the scripts, meanwhile, detail a mission in which an NPC named Preston Garvey tasks players to retrieve a fusion core from a museum in the Commonwealth.

It should be noted, however, that its typical for casting calls and casting scripts to be placeholder material, not representative of the actual, finished product. But they usually work within the intended framework/canon. So, for instance, The Preston Garvey character and mission might not appear in the next Fallout, or the dialogue exchange may be different.

What’s certain, however—and I don’t think there was much doubt at this point—is that Fallout 4, numbered or subtitled or whatever it may be called, is definitely happening, and definitely set in Boston.

Unless Kotaku’s report turns out to be fraudulent. If that proves the case, I will swear off reporting on Fallout until I hear it emerge from the throat of a Bethesda employee in person.

Source: Kotaku

Chris Holzworth, News Editor
Chris Holzworth has wanted to write about games all his life. He first cut his teeth writing for enthusiast sites such as RPGFan, and after writing for just about every other enthusiast website he could came across, wound up as EGM's east coast news correspondent (read: editorial intern) before relocating to LA to serve as news editor. You can follow his rants about storytelling on Twitter @manadrive.[Meet the rest of the crew]

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