THE BUZZ: Grand Theft Auto V is currently in development at Rockstar North, and one employee may have let slip the game’s intended release date.

Character animator Alex O’Dwyer, has listed on both his LinkedIn page and his CV that Grand Theft Auto V will ship in October 2012. The listing has since been removed from LinkedIn and his CV has been pulled.

As seen from the image captured below, O’Dwyer puts the release window firmly in October 2012. Neither Rockstar nor the employee have commented on the date.

EGM’s TAKE: The fact that both were pulled indicates that O’Dwyer said something he’s not supposed to, and the silence is interesting, however this may just be because of the Easter weekend and today being a Bank Holiday in the U.K. where the studio is based. Rockstar will want to give Max Payne 3 a good run before focusing too much on Grand Theft Auto, but a holiday release could still happen. However, the developer isn’t known for releasing multiple games in the same year, there that’s working against this rumor. We’re going to have to do just that, stick this one firmly in the rumor section until we hear more.

Do you think the game will release October? Let us know in the comments below.


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