Battlefield 3


(Editor’s Note: A previous headline for this article suggested that Battlefield 4 itself costs $70.00, which is not the case. We have changed the headline to better reflect the facts in the story.)

It’s probably not a big shock to think that EA is already hard at work on the next title in the Battlefield series, but according to a seemingly-leaked promotional banner on the publisher’s Origin service, the beta is happening pretty soon. If the image below is accurate, you can also get early access to the beta by picking up EA’s other military first-person shooter.

NeoGAF was the first place where the banner was spotted, screencapped, and posted early this morning, thanks to user “SalsaShark” (who’s apparently an early riser). According to the deal, you could get beta access to Battlefield 4 by pre-ordering Medal of Honor: Warfighter before it launches this October.

How curious. Since then, of course, the image has been since been taken down from the Origin website with no replacement.

Now, generally, a leak like that seems a bit suspicious. Either someone at EA clicked on something they shouldn’t have, or this may have been a carefully timed “leak” to drum up some hype about Battlefield 4.

PS: Anyone else notice that price tag? Either this is a misprint, or it seems like you’re paying $10 extra for a beta key.

Source: NeoGAF


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