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RUMOR: Beyond: Two Souls getting Director’s Cut release for PS4

Posted on July 8, 2014 AT 11:07am

Is David Cage’s recent PS3 adventure Beyond: Two Souls coming to Sony’s latest console? Will we be able to play Ellen Page in full new-gen glory? If some recent retailer listings are correct, the answer to both of those questions is “yes.”

IGN picked up on a listing for Beyond: Two Souls Director’s Cut on two different German retail websites: Alcom and World of Games (both listings have now been removed). One retailer getting their informational lines crossed and putting up an early page for something that doesn’t exist? It can happen. Two different retail outlets doing that? One starts to take more serious notice.

Rumors of a director’s cut for Beyond cropped up as early as last year. In late 2013, game gossiper Pete “famousmortimer” Dodd hinted that one of developer Quantic Dream’s two current projects was putting together a PS4 version of the title. While talking about that rumor on NeoGAF, another member of the forum, dragonbane, also found input code which seemed to be related to playing Beyond on the DualShock 4 on a programmer’s online portfolio.

Not even a year into their release, the latest batch of consoles have already played (or will soon) host to a number of big re-releases: Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, both Metro games, and Grand Theft Auto V. (Not counting Halo here, because that’s a totally different kind of project.)

So, a director’s cut for Beyond: Two Souls wouldn’t be surprising, especially given it was a big late-era release for Sony that could easily have gotten lost in the wave of hype for the new systems. There are plenty of games that players may have passed over from the last few years on the PS3 and Xbox 360, so why not give them more of a chance to shine?

I know some will argue that developers should be making new games instead of re-releasing old one, but let’s be fair here: projects like these don’t cost all that much in terms of time, money, or effort. If putting together a PS4 version of Beyond was really standing in the way of Quantic Dream working on their first full release for the console, do you really think that Sony would OK that?

Now, if I can just have PS4/Xbox One collections for UnchartedMass Effect, and Dark Souls, I’ll be happy.

Source: IGN
Source: NeoGAF


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