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Some associate producer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has apparently leaked substantial information about the multiplayer modes and single-player campaign story, and EGM can confirm that at least parts of the leak seem accurate. In particular, a key Black Ops 2 feature is stated to change up the “Zombie” content, turning into an undead.

(Warning! Potential spoilers ahead.)

DualShockers claims to have the inside track on the leak, with a bunch of details outlined in the single-player campaign:

The story revolves two things. First around Frank woods as an old man talking about his missions with Alex Mason, giving tips on how to defeat Raul Menendez which you flash back to and are able to play. Other part of the story involves Raul Menendez, a terrorist that eventually controls the worlds drone army, starting a world war. Menendez has presence in the flashback missions as well, showing how he rose to power over the years.

Names and locations of several missions are detailed here, and if the source is true, Black Ops protagonist Alex Mason can actually die in the storyline, depending on the choices and actions that you take in the game.

In the “Panama” mission, the first instance of this pops up, as character Frank Woods is tricked into shooting Mason, thinking that he’s main villain Raul Menendez.

Missions in Yemen bring up this choice again, as new character Fahrid, an undercover informant, is forced by Menendez to kill main character Harper in order to maintain his cover. At this point, you can supposedly choose to shot Menendez or Harper, and continue to play the solo campaign as either Fahrid or Mason.

Another mission is mentioned that actually takes place on the U.S.S. Barack Obama, letting you play as Menendez:

U.S.S. Barack Obama – An aircraft carrier. Menendez is held captive. While he is being interviewed, Menendez escapes while the Cordis Die group attacks. Near the end of the mission, player is able to actually play as Menendez, taking hostages, then escape while shooting gas grenades with a launcher.

Additionally, a new wrinkle in the zombie content is detailed, noting that player themselves will become part of the undead horde if they’re killed in action. Weapons won’t be available to “zombie” players, but melee clawing and biting attacks will allegedly become accessible.

Much of the other information matches things already seen in the multiplayer trailer, but some curious features have us doubting the validity of the source. Namely, the hint of dedicated console servers:

Live Streaming – Black Ops 2 will now have a live streaming feature built right in. You can automatically stream your gameplay over the internet easily. You would require a camera though for the feature that shows your face. This may or may not work with Kinect.

Dedicated servers – Black ops 2 will now feature deticated servers, so now you wont [sic] have to worry about host migrations when someone leaves the match.

Dedicated servers for consoles seems likely unlikely, and if possible, seems like something that would only be available for “Elite” subscribers. Moreover, it seems a lot of information could’ve been thrown in after the appearance of the multiplayer trailer that debuted yesterday—but we’re naturally suspicious about that sort of thing.


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