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Release Date: November 11, 2011

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RUMOR: Details About Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC Leak

Posted on December 3, 2012 AT 07:22am

The next DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming tomorrow—well, for Xbox 360 players at least—and if you’d like to know more about what’s going to be in the expansion, it seems a number of details have leaked to the internet.

These details were compiled over on The Out Housers; they got the information from somebody who is supposedly a beta tester for Dragonborn, and then filtered through what they felt were the most concrete points.

And, you know, if you don’t want to spoil anything for yourself, then don’t read on!

The DLC supposedly kicks off when the Cultists of Miraak are hunting for the “false dragonboard”—aka you. Upon defeating them, you find information explaining who they are, and where they’ve come from. Finding their boat docked at Windhelm, you head to Solstheim, which The Out Housers says “is about equal to the reach and has its own separate map” in terms of size. They also note that the beta tester had supposedly played 30+ hours of the DLC at the time of his posting the details, and was not yet done (though “one could probably rush through the main quest in 10 hours”).

New shouts:

  • Cyclone (create small tornados)
  • Bend Will (force dragons to partner with you)
  • Dragon Riding (unsure, but it seems pretty easy to guess)
  • Dragon Aspect (once per day shout that creates dragon armor, boosts your shouts and melee attacks, and summons an Ancient Dragonborn to assist you when you’re low on life)
  • Battle Fury (“like Elemental Fury but for NPCs”)

New creatures (not all names official):

  • Werebears
  • The Morag Tong
  • “Serpant-like creature”
  • Lurkers
  • Ash Spawn
  • Rieklings
  • New Dragon types
  • New Dwemer automation

New locations:

  • Hubs: Raven Rock, Tel Mithryn, Skaal Village
  • Imperial Forts: Fort Frostmoth, Ashfallow Citadel, Highpoint Tower
  • Shacks: Hrodulf’s House, Abandoned Lodge
  • Caves: Frostmoon Crag, Bristleback Cave, Castel Karstaag Caverns & Ruins, Glacial Cave, Benkongerike, Frossel, Hrothmun’s Barrow
  • Landmarks: Brodir Grove, Altar of Thrond, Stalhrim Source, Horker Island
  • Nordic Ruins: Kolbjorn Barrow, Bloodskaal Barrow, Vaholok’s Tomb, Gyldenhul Barrow
  • Dwemer Ruins: Nchardak, Kagrumez, Fahlbtharz
  • All-Maker Stones: Earth Stone, Watern Stone, Wind Stone, Beast Stone, Sun Stone
  • Others: Northshore Landing Dock, Old Attius Farm, Snowclad Ruins, Headwaters of Harstrad, Moesring Pass, Bujold’s Retreat, Haknir’s Shoal, Saering’s Watch, Thirsk Mead Hall, Broken Tusk Mine, Damphall Mine, & Miraak’s Temple.
  • In Skyrim: Last Vigil

As well, Dragonborn will feature new weapons and armor, new spells and enchantments, a new list of additional achievements, and more. From all of these details, it sounds like Bethesda has really put a lot of effort into this next batch of DLC. If you’re on the PC or PS3, you’ll be getting Dragonborn in early 2013.

Source: The Out Housers

Eric L. Patterson, Executive Editor
Eric L. Patterson got his start via self-publishing game-related fanzines in junior high, and now has one goal in life: making sure EGM has as much coverage of niche Japanese games as he can convince them to fit in. Eric’s also active in the gaming community on a personal level, being an outspoken voice on topics such as equality in gaming and consumer rights. Stalk him on Twitter: @pikoeri. Meet the rest of the crew.

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