If rumors attached to a new job posting are correct, it looks like Eidos may be hiring staff to work on Deus Ex 4 for next-generation consoles.

Here’s a portion of the job posting that was put up on LinkedIn which gives us some most tasty clues:

New roles with a major Canadian company that is looking to expand it’s team in various areas – semi open-world action adventure title that responds to player choice and interaction: Apply now!

We are working alongside a major game development studio that has multiple teams, multiple projects and a fantastic reputation for creating AAA action/adventure titles on the latest platforms.

They have won multiple awards for their efforts and have developed a number of new IP’s throughout their history that has contributed to ensuring they are one of the best in their class.

Due to this continued success and with the support of a major publisher, they are looking for a number of new hires in an additional studio that is being grown and nurtured in the (ever growing) Quebec games industry community.

The project is based upon an existing IP that is a well known and respected action/adventure title, with elements of choice and stealth within the gameplay. The future iterations of the franchise intend to really take advantage of the new platforms coming in the next two years to provide an experience with unparralled realism, depth and consequence for player action and choice.

superannuation over on Twitter—while linking to that posting—then commented:

“and Eidos Montreal hiring for a Deus Ex 4 ‘for the new platforms coming in the next two years'”

A “semi open-world action adventure title that responds to player choice and interaction” coming from Eidos? That certainly sounds like it could be Deus Ex 4.


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