THE BUZZ: An interesting new image has cropped up, one which gives more fuel to the rumor of Sony putting together a fighting game based around their characters à la Nintendo’s Smash Bros.

EGM’s TAKE: It was later last year that the last rumors went around about Sony developing together their own character-driven versus fighting game, but today a new tidbit has appeared.

Over on PlayStation Lifestyle, a reader sent in a photo of a supposed survey about a game titled “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale”, where the person taking the survey is asked how they feel about that name.

Two potential “gotchas” have been brought up about this supposed proof: That it was taken with a camera instead of just doing a screen capture, and that there looks to be an Xbox controller in the upper-right of the image.

For me, neither of these refute this image at all. I’ve met a surprising amount of people who don’t know how to do a screen capture on a computer, and it’s also possible that the person didn’t want to capture their entire screen and give away who they are (maybe they don’t have image-editing software). I’ll be honest here: More than a few times I’ve used my iPhone to snap a photo of something on a computer screen I wanted to reference again later, because it was quicker and easier to do that than to do a screen capture, crop the image, and then remember where it was saved.

As to the Xbox 360 controller? No doubt nothing more than a “video game” template for the company handling the survey. Having that controller on a PlayStation-related survey means absolutely nothing.


Source: PlayStation Lifestyle


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