Nintendo has been incredibly cagey about the price of the Nintendo Wii U, going as far as keeping it a secret during E3 2012. But according to an alleged leaked photo from a Best Buy employee kiosk, the console may launch at $300.

An anonymous tipster leaked the photograph in question to fansite GoNintendo, who ran the picture earlier today.

Although the picture isn’t close to conclusive (most retailers use placeholder prices), but the source appears to be legit. Searching for the SKU shown in the image—”5709727″—on the regular Best Buy website leads right to the retailer’s current Wii U product page.

Should you believe it or not? Most Best Buy rumors are generally hit-and-miss, but the retailer has leaked accurate information in the past about the following products:

  • Sony’s 40GB PlayStation 3 model
  • Nintendo’s $199 Wii (price drop)
  • The Motorola Xoom’s street date
  • Apple’s white iPhone 4
  • The Verizon Galaxy Nexus’ North American street date
  • Sony’s PlayStation 3 Slim redesign
Then again, for every street date and price Best Buy posts, there’s another one that’s wrong—recently, the electronics retailer was way off the mark about Diablo III‘s release date, claiming it would hit in February 2012. As we all know now, that game wouldn’t be ready until more than three months later.

Regardless, $300 would be the sweet spot for the Wii U’s launch. Not only does that price it competitively with the cheapest PlayStation 3 ($250 for the 160GB “Slim”) and Xbox 360 ($199 for the 4GB unit), but that should place the Wii U well below whatever the successors to each console will likely cost at launch.

Source: GoNintendo


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