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A group of users over on the GTA Forums may have stumbled upon a very interesting list of information hidden among the on-disc files for Max Payne 3—a rundown of vehicles that could potentially be in Grand Theft Auto V.

First of all, credit goes to Fantaseb/Twisted89, zzcool, and blasternl over on for discovering and compiling this information.

So, it seems a vehicles.ide file on the Max Payne 3 disc may indeed be giving us a look at what we could expect from vehicles in GTA V. The list of vehicles in the file is far longer than what Max Payne 3 features, and the information is presented in a file format said to be identical to vehicle files for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Why would such a file be present on Max Payne 3? Both games are being crafted using Rockstar’s RAGE engine, and it makes total sense that vehicle models for Max Payne 3 could be used in Grand Theft Auto V (and vise versa).

Before we get to the list, let’s make a few things clear:

  1. This list is in no way official.
  2. This list is a compilation of the list that Fantaseb/Twisted89, zzcool, and blasternl put together combined with additional information from a longer-format list that then hit the GTA forums.
  3. Not all of the additional vehicle information I pulled from that list may be potentially relevant to GTA V.
  4. It would be super sweet if I could drive a train in GTA V.
  5. This list is in no way official. Seriously. Have fun speculating over if these will actually be in GTA V or not, but for now, consider this simply a huge, huge rumor. And even if it is a real list that has relation to GTA V, there’s absolutely nothing stating at this point that these vehicles will for sure be in the game, or that additional vehicles won’t be added as well.

Anyhow. here’s the compiled list.


  • apc
  • bobsleigh
  • benson
  • biff
  • bobcat
  • boxville
  • buccaneer
  • burrito
  • brzbus
  • casco
  • cadge
  • car_brzhatchplc
  • car_brzsedanplc
  • car_brzhatchjnk
  • car_brzsedanjnk
  • carga
  • cavalcade
  • cognoscenti
  • cs2000
  • chavos
  • dukes
  • dune
  • feroci
  • flatty
  • forklift
  • futo
  • furzen
  • fxt
  • gant
  • hauler
  • minivan
  • mule
  • infernus
  • patriot
  • phantom
  • prairie
  • police
  • railmu
  • rancher
  • rhino
  • schafter
  • seinove
  • skimobile
  • snowplough
  • taxi
  • trash
  • vanpony
  • willard
  • winky


  • enduro
  • faggio2
  • jz125
  • spike
  • z75

Helicopters + Planes

  • androm
  • annhil
  • annihilator
  • autogyro
  • bchopper
  • bentham
  • cuban800
  • dodo
  • fighter
  • heli_cp
  • heli_cs
  • heli_luxury
  • heli_rebel
  • heli_tfe
  • heli_ufe
  • heli_vcpf
  • hind
  • maverick
  • maverick
  • napalm
  • ph_heli
  • scamp


  • bassboy
  • bayer
  • boat_chase
  • boaters
  • botsab
  • chika
  • contbo
  • dinghy
  • drug_boat
  • edsboat
  • fishboat_a
  • fishboat_b
  • fishboat_c
  • fishboat_d
  • fisher
  • gunboat
  • marquis
  • mini_boat
  • mini_orig
  • p_mi_botfsh
  • ph_boat_l
  • ph_boat_s
  • reefer
  • sabs_boat
  • skivvy
  • small_gb
  • smug
  • sporto
  • squalo
  • tinny
  • tropic
  • tug
  • whaler
  • woody
  • woody2


  • cablecar
  • chairlift
  • lighty
  • monorail
  • monorail2
  • monorail3
  • subway_hi
  • subway_lo
  • train_carg
  • train_int
  • trainf_carg
  • trainr_carg

Source: GTA Forums


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