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RUMOR: Nintendo Offering Incentives To Beef Up Their Wii U eShop

Posted on June 19, 2012 AT 04:50pm

Opinions have been very mixed—and sometimes very negative—about how Nintendo handled their WiiWare digital download efforts. Now, rumors are saying the publisher is trying to make up for that.

According to a rumor reported by Wii U Daily, a source connected with a European developer says that Nintendo is putting a serious push behind digital distribution for the Wii U.

The first part of this focus is the goal of trying to get all Wii U retail games—both first and third party—available for purchasing digitally. For those publishers who do offer their games in this manner, they’d be making “a lot more per unit sold” compared to retail sales according to this rumor.

Not only are Nintendo said to be offering lucrative incentives to release your retail games both ways, but indie developers are also said to be benefiting from these plans. According to Wii U Daily’s source, that benefit to indie developers would come as the following:

“It’s just a much bigger revenue cut that you’d get selling it on any other platform at the moment, plus promotions on the online store. If they [Nintendo] pull it off and it gains traction, it’ll press the other guys [Microsoft and Sony] to give more of the revenue to the publishers. It’s very good for us who make games”.

Of course, we’ve heard similar types of promises from all console companies in the past regarding a variety of things. The proof will be seeing such plans in action—it’s clear, however, that Nintendo left a lot of devs unhappy with their WiiWare efforts. If they can make the Wii U a platform developers big and small want to release digital games for, that will be a huge boon for the console.

Source: Wii U Daily

Eric L. Patterson, Executive Editor
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