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THE BUZZ: Here’s one that’s been buried for a while. Rumors have once again begun surfacing about Star Wars: Battlefront III, thanks to a job description and CVs.

The CVs and job listing suggest that the title is in development at Spark Unlimited who have brought us Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Legendary: The Box.

A job listing on Spark Unlimited’s website, spotted by PlayStation Lifestyle, calls for a “senior combat designer for a 3rd Person Action/Adventure sequel in a high-profile science fiction franchise currently greenlit for full production development for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC markets.”

That could be anything though right? Well couple it with the LinkedIn profile of John Lawrie, former senior software engineer for Spark Unlimited, which lists under past projects an “Unannounced third-person sword fighting game (well known IP, Xbox 360, PS3).”

Another developers LinkedIn profile also reads: “I have been working for three years in a AAA third person shooter using Unreal Engine and Kynapse AI middleware.”

Finally to add fuel to the fire Spark Unlimited recently sent out this tweet: “Since we are working on a sequel for a well known sci-fi franchise, all aspects must remain secret.”

EGM’s TAKE: Let’s stop and put the pieces together. Spark Unlimited is working on a AAA third person action adventure sequel, set in a high profile science fiction universe that features sw0rd fighting and shooting. Now if we described that to you and didn’t tell you it was a game what would you come up with? Star Wars right? Of course this is all just pieced together information, and there’s nothing official about it. We’re just using common sense to deduce an answer and all roads lead to a Star Wars: Battlefront game. Fans have been begging for a sequel for years and so far none has appeared, is this the right time to unleash it?

What game do you think Spark could be working on? Leave your thoughts below.


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