SCORE   111


NetherRealms Studios and DC have released their “Comic-Con” trailer for upcoming superhero brawlfest Injustice: Gods Among Us, showing off more gameplay, a new story element, and most importantly, how awesome Nightwing and Cyborg look. It seems to be coming along nicely so far, but there’s still so many questions to ask.

Take the dialogue in the video below—who is that? Granted, it’s impossible to tell, as the speech is cryptic, mysterious, and purposely vague. And who’s the bad guy here? Exactly why is everyone at war with each other?

That seems to be a basic question, given half the video is someone talking about betrayal. And that’s just the story we’re trying to figure out.

What about the physics? Is there magic at work here, just like in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe? There would have to be, because I don’t see any other way Flash could punch Harley Quinn at light-speed without ripping her head clean off her torso first. These are important questions, comic book fans.

SCORE   114