If you think that Battlefield 3 and MAG can look like chaos in an online battle, Just Cause 2 is trying to blow them out of the water with a 600-man multiplayer map. It’s not an official mode, but an inventive hack (currently in beta) that lets the normally non-multiplayer open-world title host an amazing amount of players.

As shown in the video below, Just Cause 2 has such huge level design that even a 600-player skirmish actually looks pretty normal, with everyone just close enough to cause some sizeable collateral damage.

There’s even a website for the mod itself, simply called “Just Cause 2 Multiplayer” or “JC2-MP”, plus a Twitter feed where you can get news on beta testing updates.

So far, JC2-MP has registered 10,000 thousand forum users on their website (just imagine if they all own copies of Just Cause 2) and recently announced a new “on-foot weapons” feature for the multiplayer build.

At this point, one would think that Eidos and Square Enix would simply hire the dev team, right?

Check out the videos below to see their latest sizzle reel, plus some gameplay footage complete with nothing but guns, explosions, car crashes, plane wrecks, and many more explosions.

Source: Eurogamer


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