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Vatra—the development studio behind Silent Hill: Downpour—is currently “under review” by parent company Kuju Entertainment, leaving some to speculate that the developer may be closed down.

Vatra was set up by Kuju in 2009 with the focus of “hardcore console games”, and its first project was working with Konami on Downpour. According to GamesIndustry, Kuju had a management switch-over last month—resulting in a new CEO and commercial director—and that new team set out to review various aspects of Kuju’s properties.

As to the fate of Vatra, GamesIndustry posted a statement made by Kuju on the matter:

“The new management team at Kuju have been conducting a strategic review of all aspects of the business, as part of this process the on-going business activities of the Vatra studio are currently under review, however, at this stage no decisions have yet been made.”

Yes, there were technical problems with Silent Hill: Downpour—yet, at the same time, the game really did show a lot of promise. Its faults were unfortunate—and the game certainly could have been better—but it was also one of the first times I’ve been genuinely excited about the Silent Hill series in a long, long time. I’d really love to see Vatra get another shot at the game, and be given that chance to make up for any mistakes made with Downpour. That chance, however, now may not come.

Downpour itself could even suffer if there comes a shake-up at Vatra. An upcoming patch was promised for the game in order to fix a few glaring flaws (such as the obscure auto save system), but if Vatra is indeed in trouble, then it’s likely that such a patch may never come.

Source: GamesIndustry


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