We were initially promised a patch for Konami’s latest adventure into Silent Hill back in April, but then it looked like that patch may never come. Today, however, the company has officially announced that that patch has finally arrived.

Yes, as of today—or, actually, a few days ago, as it seems Konami is late on this announcement—those playing Silent Hill: Downpour on the Xbox 360 will supposedly get to experience a better game. According to Konami, this new patch brings with it improved framerate, a “fixed” game same system (which is thankful, as the save system before was way too confusing), bug fixes for the “Homeless” side quest, and “several other performance enhancements/bug fixes”. While PS3 owners won’t be getting the patch today, Konami promises that it’s currently in development, and will be released “in the coming weeks”.

To go along with that patch—or, maybe, helping to drive the push for the patch—Silent Hill: Downpour will be released digitally via Xbox Live’s Games on Demand service on October 30th for $39.99.

Downpour wasn’t everything that I wanted from a new Silent Hill game—but even with what it did wrong, it still absolutely won me over with everything that it did right. We Silent Hill fans have gotten used to flawed-yet-fun experiences, so I hope that this patch does actually help improve the game technically. (I’ve yet to have the chance to try it out for myself.) If these patches will help convince more players to give Downpour a try, that’ll definitely be a good thing.


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