Silent Hill


Despite the large amount of negative reviews on TriStar Pictures and Davis Films’ 2006 film adaptation of Silent Hill, it actually wasn’t the worst video game-based movie the world has seen. Far from it, actually.

Hence, Hollywood is going back to the well with Silent Hill: Revelations 3D, which will debut in theaters worldwide just in time for Halloween on October 26th.

Starring Australian actress Adelaide Clemens as Silent Hill 3 protagonist Heather Mason, the film goes back into the Otherworld as she tries to escape the town’s cult and rescue her father.

If you’ve seen the previous Silent Hill film, you won’t be surprised to see Sean Bean returning to take the role of Harry Mason, as his character has assumedly dropped his “Christopher Da Silva” moniker to keep himself and Heather a step ahead of the dark forces in Silent Hill that are constantly trying to track them down. Given that Bean is taking a more prominent starring role in this direct sequel, you can also assume that he’s probably going to die gruesomely and horribly before the end.

No, really, look at his filmography.

Sean Bean’s practically built a career off playing characters doomed to grisly deaths.

If you’re going to see a Halloween movie this year, you could probably do worse, and this one’s actually packing some legit star power, including Carrie-Anne Moss (the Matrix trilogy, Unthinkable, Memento) and Malcolm McDowell (way too many movies, TV shows, and voice acting roles to count). It’s even got Kit Harington, whom you’ve probably seen as Jon Snow in HBO’s popular Game of Thrones.

Check out the newest trailer for Silent Hill: Revelations 3D below, along with a scene that shows the faceless Nurse monsters up-close. Not exactly as scary as the game, but at least they’ve got the costuming down to a science.


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