THE BUZZ: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will contain six types of dragons that players can call at anytime to come and fight alongside them.

“There is a point in the game where you earn the allegiance of one of these other dragons, who is named,” Bethesda’s Todd Howard told GTTV. “When you have the allegiance of this dragon you can shout and call his name to the sky, and then where he is in the world he will fly and come and help you.”

Howard also details two new Dragon Shouts – Ice Form and Elemental Fury.

“We have a cool one called ‘Ice Form’ where you shout it and you can encase your enemies in ice,” he said. “What’s cool about this is you can either paralyse them and leave them there and they’ll be taking damage, or you can run up and shatter the ice and hurt them yourself. So it’s a reallly cool way of dealing with different combat scenarios.”

“Another one we have is called ‘Elemental Fury’. This is one where you can actually shout at your weapons, and air forms around them and you can swing them faster. So if you have a really good sword you like, you can use that shout and do damage at a faster rate.”

Some can also check out some new footage of the game, courtesy of our friends at GTTV, here.

EGM’s TAKE: Only a few weeks left to go until we can all finally get our hands on Skyrim!

Do you like the idea of being able to call a dragon for help? Leave a comment below.

Source: GTTV


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