Sony is continuing to push the PlayStation 3 line with a slimmer model, and their UK office thinks it’ll be a holiday hit. According to one exec, it’s perfect for people passing on the Wii U.

That claim comes from PlayStation UK managing director Fergal Gara, who told CVG that the casual gaming crowd is ripe for the pickings this year:

“If you look at the upcoming Christmas market, the Wii will be selling in very low volumes – it’s on its way out – and the Wii U will arrive, but it will bring in a relatively small number of early adopter consumers,” he said.

“We see ourselves well positioned for the casual market who won’t buy Wii U on day one. We’ve got a wow moment, we feel. I remember when people picked up the Wii controller for the first time, that was a big moment, it was a casual market breakthrough, but we thing we’ve got a casual market breakthrough as well with Wonderbook and the lowest priced PS3 yet.”

At this point, the PlayStation 3 has just about caught up with the Xbox 360 on a global scale (after languishing in third place its entire lifecycle), but still trails well behind the original Nintendo Wii.

Month-by-month sales will determine who wins the holidays, though. Unless Nintendo has mass production and supply issues, it’s unlikely that the PS3 can outsell the Wii U at the end of the year, especially if it does as well as the original Wii, which netted 600,000 units sold during its first week in North America alone.

Source: CVG


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