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THE BUZZ: In an upcoming interview, God of War developer Sony Santa Monica not only doesn’t rule out the idea of the series coming to Vita, but also says it could even hit iOS.

EGM’s TAKE: In an interview coming out later this week with IGN, Sony Santa Monica Senior Director of Product Development Shannon Studstill says that the studio is “exploring avenues” for bringing the God of War series not only to the PlayStation Vita, but potentially other platforms as well.

When asked if Ready at Dawn—the developer of the PSP versions of God of War—could potentially create a Vita chapter for the game, Studstill said that “all of that’s on the table.”

When asked about the potential of more chapters of the franchise on non-Sony hardware, Studstill told IGN the following:

“I think with the way the industry’s playing that dysfunctional passive aggressive type of mentality, we as a company and we as an industry constantly have to look at all opportunities. It doesn’t mean we’ll go there, but there’s certainly reason to talk about it.”

IGN points out that such an idea has happened before, with the release of God of War: Betrayal on mobile phones back in 2007.

The full interview with Sony Santa Monica’s Shannon Studstill will hit IGN later this week.

Would you want to see a new God of War game for the Vita—or, even crazier, iOS?

Source: IGN


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