The Last Guardian



Sony has assured fans that The Last Guardian is still in development, although it won’t ship until it’s absolutely ready.

We’ve heard little about the game over the last several months which has led some to believe that it has been shelved by Sony. PlayStation software development head, Scott Rohde has promised that this isn’t the case.

“I will not give you a detailed update, but I will say one thing and it goes back to innovation and to gamers and to quality. That title is going to ship when it’s absolutely ready,” he said. “It’s going to ship at sometime, and it’s going to ship when it’s ready. And I think that’s a really important thing to remember, is that it would be very easy to ship a game when it’s not quite ready because we need to meet a business plan.”

“Gamers are first, and the experiences we provide are first. And that’s why we’re gonna talk about that game when we’re ready to talk about it,” he added.


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