When the A Realm Reborn update goes live Final Fantasy XIV is going to undergo a lot of changes, including the removal of certain content, so if you’re an avid player be sure to experience it before it’s gone.

Several items will be removed from the game, such as Guild Marks, achievements, and mounts, to name a few. Gamers may also lose certain skills or valuable items after the update, so be sure to check the list if you play regularly. A Realm Reborn is the official name of update 2.0 for the MMO, which will overhaul the entire game from the ground up including storylines, graphics, and combat. You can check out the full list of removed content below:

Goobbue Mounts

As previously announced, the goobbue horn, which is the item used to summon the goobbue mount, will no longer be obtainable as of the release of patch 1.23a.

Guild Marks

All of your guild marks will be deleted upon logging into A Realm Reborn. For this reason, we urge you to visit the guilds and use your marks before that time. After release of A Realm Reborn, it will also no longer be possible to receive guild mark refunds for previously purchased abilities that have since been removed from the game.


The following achievements will become unavailable upon release of A Realm Reborn:


La Noscea Big Game Hunter / Black Shroud Big Game Hunter / Thanalan Big Game Hunter / Coerthas Big Game Hunter / Mor Dhona Big Game Hunter / Shposhae Big Game Hunter / Bane of the Tribes / Notorious Monster Hunting / Had Me Some Fun / Most Adorable Death Ever / Where the Wind Blows


Around the Realm and Back Again / I Survived Camp Bearded Rock / I Survived Cedarwood / I Survived Camp Skull Valley / I Survived Camp Bald Knoll / I Survived Camp Bloodshore / I Survived Cassiopeia Hollow / I Survived Camp Iron Lake / And All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement: La Noscea / I Survived Camp Bentbranch / I Survived Humblehearth / I Survived Camp Nine Ivies / I Survived Camp Emerald Moss / I Survived Treespeak / I Survived the Mun-Tuy Cellars / I Survived Camp Tranquil / And All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement: Black Shroud / I Survived Camp Black Brush / I Survived the Nanawa Mines / I Survived Camp Drybone / I Survived Halatali / I Survived Camp Horizon / I Survived Nophica’s Wells / I Survived Camp Broken Water / And All I Got Was This Lousy Achievement: Thanalan / Globetrotter / At the Realm’s Behest / To Serve and Protect: Camp Bearded Rock / To Serve and Protect: Cedarwood / To Serve and Protect: Camp Skull Valley / To Serve and Protect: Camp Bald Knoll / To Serve and Protect: Camp Bloodshore / To Serve and Protect: Cassiopeia Hollow / To Serve and Protect: Camp Iron Lake / La Noscea Got Served…and Protected / To Serve and Protect: Camp Bentbranch / To Serve and Protect: Humblehearth / To Serve and Protect: Camp Nine Ivies / To Serve and Protect: Camp Emerald Moss / To Serve and Protect: Treespeak / To Serve and Protect: Mun–Tuy Cellars / To Serve and Protect: Camp Tranquil / The Black Shroud Got Served…and Protected / To Serve and Protect: Camp Black Brush / To Serve and Protect: Nanawa Silvermines / To Serve and Protect: Camp Drybone / To Serve and Protect: Halatali / To Serve and Protect: Camp Horizon / To Serve and Protect: Nophica’s Wells / To Serve and Protect: Camp Broken Water / Thanalan Got Served…and Protected / Eorzea Got Served…and Protected

Seasonal Events

It’s Reining Deer / Beast from the East / Red Beast from the East / Gold Beast from the East / Black Beast from the East / Get All the Things! / Love Me Tender / B.F.F. / Did It All for the Glory of Love / Love Makes the World Go Round / Royal Audience / Eggsceptional Hunting / Eggstraordinary Hunting / Eggsemplary Hunting / Eggstreme Hunting / Eggstravagant Hunting / Seven Short of a Dozen


One-upping the Antares / Kicking Sargas and Taking Names / Shaula We Dance? / Like a Batraal Out of Hell / Miser Neutralizer / Raiding the Vale / Breathless / Three Heads Are Better Than One / Making the Cut / Big Ants Don’t Cry


Taking in the Sights: La Noscea / Taking in the Sights: Black Shroud / Taking in the Sights: Thanalan / Taking in the Sights: Coerthas / Taking in the Sights: Mor Dhona / Been There, Done That
* Other achievements may undergo changes to their conditions or temporarily become unavailable upon release of A Realm Reborn.

Replayable Cutscenes

As part of A Realm Reborn, the content of nearly all cinematic cutscenes will be reworked. This will result in significantly different viewing experiences for the same cutscene between the current version of the game and A Realm Reborn.

Character Histories

In A Realm Reborn, the date on which an achievement is completed will be recorded as part of an in-game character history, which will be maintained in a manner different from current character histories on the Lodestone. We are also looking into ways to have the current character histories remain accessible on the Lodestone following release of A Realm Reborn.


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