Spaceship exploration sim Space Command has already arrested a lot of attention from the mobile gaming crowd, with developer Warballoon Games amassing an impressive $37K in funds for the project. But the next frontier is just an extra $100,000 away, as the team now wants to create a big boy, full PC version of the game for Mac and Windows.

Hence, the Warballoon Games crew has boldly set up another Kickstarter fund for the potential Mac and PC version of the original mobile game, which could include a huge number of new features and gameplay elements, like:

  • High-resolution UI
  • Surround sound
  • Mouse/keyboard input
  • Increased processing power

Most importantly, the developers want to do this without having to step into the pockets of a big, nasty publisher, and they’re willing to give away original e-books, t-shirts, and posters to entice a new round of buyers for the project.

Currently, they’re already 10 percent of the way there, with $10,000 pledged and 29 days left to go.


Source: Kickstarter


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