Coruscant maybe all sunshine, chrome metal, and roses on the surface, but underneath the sprawling metropolis lies a world that the Star Wars 1313 development team describes as “Hell.” For mere bounty hunters, that should be worrisome.

LucasArts is a taking a dramatic shift away from the standard Star Wars formula by having their latest big budget title told from the perspective of a normal human, but no Force Powers might be refreshing.

(After all, you can’t exactly expand on the Starkiller saga.)

As self-described by the dev team, this ‘descent into Hell’ is one of the most dangerous environments they could design, and from the video diary, its forced them to come up with a lot of concept art and models.

There’s no new gameplay to see per se, but the video does give some interesting insight into how the story will be told when the game does release next year. Crime, gang wars, and other elements will play a part in the story, so this time you’re probably tasked with survival, rather than saving the galaxy.

Or, we could be wrong, and the main character’s secretly a Jedi Scout—but we hope not.


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