Finally, I have something in common with Kim Cattrall. As Nintendo UK’s newest commercial for the 3DS and Super Mario 3DS Land suggests, she’s totally into Super Mario games.

Naturally, this isn’t the first time that Nintendo has used a famous personality to market their games, enlisting celebrities like “Community” star Joel McHale and Robin Williams’ beard. It’s a good way to show that even the famous and wealthy like the same things the rest of us common folk do.

But Kim Cattrall is little, well—family-friendly Nintendo does know that she starred in a show called “Sex in the City” (and far more risqué movies), right?

Maybe I’m reading too much into Kim Cattrall’s “magical adventures” with Mario. Then again, this is why the ad is awesome—you’ll probably never see a commercial like this running on Nintendo’s US YouTube account or American TV.

Source: Nintendo UK


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