Even when charging a budget price for a console-quality game, it always seems to some companies that the looming specter of the 99-cent downloadable app is hovering overhead. But Telltale Games insists that even though the Walking Dead: The Game may be a huge hit on iPhones and iPads, there’s no reason to think it should automatically cost less than a dollar.

No matter whether you’re playing Walking Dead: The Game on PC or a mobile device, the $4.99 price tag per episode remains the same. As Telltale Games’ publishing exec Steve Allison tells it to Pocket Gamer, the game’s quality more than justifies it:

We knew The Walking Dead was shaping up to be a great touch screen experience and as our first universal iOS title that would also be available on console, $4.99 an episode is consistent with our past successful experiences on the App Store and with the pricing on other platforms.

The idea of a 99 [cent] gamer on iOS is more myth than fact, it’s the quality and depth of each product that will drive the right price for consumers.

We’ve had a great initial launch as a top 10 title with no signs of slowing down and great feedback on the game from people who have bought the game for their iOS devices.

This is the right price for our game and it has not impeded our ability to get people interested in buying it.

Allison probably has a point, as Walking Dead: The Game has been noted for its solid writing, engaging dialogue, and overall adherence to the comic book and television source material. Although the series would probably triple its sales with a $1 price tag, things seem to be going well enough that the developer doesn’t need to switch things up.

Telltale Games has also ported Tales of Monkey IslandSam & MaxBack to the Future: The GamePuzzle AgentJurassic Park, and more series to the App Store, housing one of the more robust app portfolios among major developers. Walking Dead: The Game is definitely their biggest hit so far, as the first episode has sold over a cool million so far.

Source: Pocket Gamer


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