It took a lot of work for The Last Story to cross that localization barrier and make to North America, but soon, the wait will finally be over. XSEED Games has just confirmed that Nintendo Wii fans can pick up the hotly anticipated RPG on August 8th, and we can all enjoy one of the last great games on the soon-to-be-replaced console.

Even better, there’s a pre-order bonus for the game’s official soundtrack. Considering the whole thing is composed by none other than the legendary Nobuo Uematsu, that’s just icing on the cake.

Here’s the official word from XSEED Games’ Twitter account:

[TLS News] ALL launch copies still come with the art book, but ONLY if you preorder do you get the soundtrack too. So get your preorders in!

@BioStormX This is the first time we’ve announced a release date, so GS was just using a placeholder date. 8/14 is the official release.

[Obligatory Panic Balm] And, of course, if you pre-ordered already from those carrying the pre-order bonus, you WILL get the CD. ^_-

But you won’t get the soundtrack offer just anywhere. Individual retailers will vary, but you’ll be 100-percent certain to get the soundtrack and the art book with a pre-order at Amazon, GameStop and EB Canada.

Source: XSEED Games


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