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The Week In Call of Duty News

Posted on July 9, 2011 AT 05:22pm

In case you miss anything during the week, here’s the recent updates and announcements that have come out about Call of Duty.

Weapons Confirmed So Far For Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Sub-Machine Guns: AK-74U, MP5, P90, Skorpion, UMP45, Vector

Assault Rifles: ACR, AK-47, Famas, G36C, M4A1, Scar-L

Light Machine Guns: RPD

Sniper Rifles: Barrett .50CAL, M14 EBR, RSASS

Machine Pistols: FMG, G18

Shotguns: AA-12, KSG, Model 1887, Spas-12, Striker

Handguns: Five-Seven, MP412

Launchers: AT4, M320, RPG-7, XM25

Activision Hasn’t Ruled Out Elite Support For Call Of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2

Beachhead Studio Boss, Chako Sonny and Activision’s Vice President of Digital, Jamie Berger told OXM;

“Currently we’re supporting all Call of Duty games starting with Black Ops,”

“We haven’t ruled anything out yet, but we’ve been laser-focused on Black Ops implementation, and more importantly, instrumenting the service to support every game that comes on from here,”

“The challenge is cracking open the old games, because it only works well when it’s built next to and within the game,”

“We’d love to do it in theory, but in practice it’s a lot harder than it sounds. The focus is first to get it right on our current ones forward, and then we may make the decision to go back at some point.”

Call Of Duty: Elite Is The ‘Direct Result Of Player Input’

In a recent interview with the Guardian Activision Boss, Bobby Kotick explained the reasons behind Call of Duty: Elite’s creation.

“We started out with a desire to give back to our players; we wanted to add capabilities that were the direct result of research conducted with our audience. We have tens of millions of players, and we went out to our audience and we solicited their thoughts and opinions on what would make the game – on a free basis – more fun to play.”

“So the bulk of what we’ve done is to create a free service that offers a whole host of new, interesting and well-differentiated capabilities that will get our audience really enthusiastic and excited about playing. We have very articulate audiences – they’re able to prioritise what’s important; they’re able to give us clarity on features that they think will be useful. So from that perspective, what we’re delivering is the direct result of player input – and a lot of it.”

“There were also a certain number of things that our players wanted to see, with the recognition that those particular services would be costly for us to develop. And we spent a lot of time talking about what’s a fair way to charge for what are premium services. In that regard too we got great audience feedback. So [Elite was based on] very well-informed research that goes deeper and is more extensive than anything we’ve done before.”

Call of Duty: Black Ops Shangri-La ‘Time Travel Will Tell’ Easter Egg

Nick Baumfeld
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