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In Titanfall, Quickscoping and No-Scoping with Sniper Rifles Will Be ‘Ineffective’

Posted on December 31, 2013 AT 11:45am

Titanfall will feature sniper rifles, but tricks commonly employed in Call of Duty and other shooters, such as quickscoping and no-scoping, will be “ineffective,” a Respawn rep wrote on their official forums.

In response to a fan question about the presence of sniper rifles in Titanfall, a Respawn representative going by the online handle “scriptacus” (also his or her Xbox gamertag, which corroborates association Respawn in official capacity) confirmed that sniper rifles would be among the armaments available in Titanfall, but that players would not be able to exploit them in the same way they often are in other first-person shooters.

“Sniping is in the game, but due to how the game plays it’s a pretty different animal than you’ll find in your run of the mill modern military shooter,” the rep wrote. “Quick scoping and no-scoping are ineffective.”

For those of you not as up to speed with first-person shooter multiplayer vernacular, quickscoping—as the name implies—involves pulling up a sniper rifle’s scope just long enough for the targeting reticule to appear, taking the shot, then ducking back out rapidly (as opposed to sighting and tracking). This typically results in a one-hit kill. Taking it one step further, and requiring a whole lot of aiming awareness and intuition, is no-scoping, in which a sniper takes the shot without ever pulling up sights.

Titanfall launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows PC March 11, 2014 in North America, March 13 in Europe, and March 14 in the U.K. Respawn Entertainment has recently begun releasing videos highlighting the different classes of Titans that will be selectable in Titanfall.

Source: Escapist

Chris Holzworth, News Editor
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