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Tomb Raider Demo Takes Lara Croft Hunting, Platforming In The Wilds

Posted on September 4, 2012 AT 12:10pm

Up to this point, the only playable parts of the Tomb Raider reboot that most of us have seen involve young Lara Croft being hunted or chased down. With the game’s most recent demo at PAX, things turn around a bit.

Filmed by GamesRadar, the demo is a “hunting” walkthrough of the first playable area after Lara escapes her first tomb. Judging by the demo instructor, not much in the audio presentation has dramatically changed:

“Lara does speak to herself. We don’t have the sound here at the show, but trust me, there’s a lot of internal dialogue going on right now. She’s wondering where she is, where her friends here, and she’s on a quest to find them.”

After crossing a waterfall, the first platforming segment shows Lara scaling the wreck of an airplane up a second waterfall, with pieces falling away as she climbs across the wings. Notice how some handholds can only be maintained for a short period of time, as a small countdown timer seems to highlight each button queue.

Another interesting gameplay note happens after the campfire scene, where a “camp” is added to the map before Lara hunts for food in the surrounding area—which notes that various campsites can be revisited.

Just because Lara can hunt animals in this game doesn’t mean she can’t be attacked either. As shown in the demo, even a relatively docile herd of deer has aggressive stags that will knock her over if she’s not careful. At least she gets plenty of experience points for maiming that poor, helpless deer. Nature is a truly brutal beast.

Source: GamesRadar

McKinley Noble, Contributing Editor
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