Twisted Metal


THE BUZZ: David Jaffe jumped on Twitter to unveil the theme song for his upcoming PS3 exclusive Twisted Metal reboot.

Gaming jornalist and hip-hop artist, HipHopGamer will become the first gaming jouralist to have a song featured in a game. The Twitter exchange going back and forth between Jaffe and HHG went this way:

“@davidscottjaffe – @hiphopgamer hey man when do you think we should let the world know you wrote and song [sic] for the twisted metal soundtrack

@hiphopgamer it went in a few days ago and sound great ! Hoping we can get the fans a taste before the game ships ”

Well, when HHG wants something, he gets it! Check out the clip below for his shout out to his supporters as well as that taste for fans.

EGMs TAKE: Made props to HipHopGamer, a good friend of EGM. Song sounds great! It makes us feel cooler just listening to it.


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