Watch Dogs

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Futuristic hacker thriller Watch Dogs is already one of most hyped video games of the current (and upcoming?) console generation, and Ubisoft is smartly and aggressively snatching up Internet domains for a film adaptation.

That doesn’t necessarily mean a film could be in the works, as Fusible suggests, but most likely the developer/publisher wants to sit on the available URLs for legal reasons. But considering the heavy “Hollywood” theme of a rogue hacker in a data-fueled neo-noir future run by information warfare, a movie does sound like a good idea.

Regardless, Ubisoft Entertainment has already registered, and

Watch Dogs hasn’t been announced for any consoles, but the game is currently slated for 2013. Whether or not that falls into the next-generation of consoles for the upcoming (well, assumed) PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 launches remains to be seen.

Source: Fusible

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