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THE BUZZ: Ubisoft hasn’t ruled out the possibility of introducing a female lead character into the Assassin’s Creed world, but admit that it would have to be approached carefully.

VideoGamer asked Falco Poiker, Senior Level Designer on Assassin’s Creed, how fans would react to a female lead, to which he replied, “Very well. I don’t get to make these decisions but we know that the courtesan in multiplayer is the most popular multiplayer character so I have faith that people would respond well. I don’t know how far people go in imagining that Desmond is Ezio. When I play the game I feel like I’m following the story of Desmond and I’m following the story of Ezio. And so, I’d love to play a female character. Like, as long as she was cool and badass and moved well. You know, I mean, it would be fun to hear those quips. It would be fun to have Desmond come out of the animus and say something and that would help you tie the two together.”

“We’d always want to go back a few generations. You know, like, when Assassin’s Creed was first created, Animus 1.0, the Templar’s animus really put Desmond in the place of Altair because that was the simple way of trying to keep the subject’s mind intact by not throwing them for a loop. In this we have some explanations in this game about avatar projection where you can scale how much or how little you look like your avatar depending on how much the subject responds psychologically to the transfer. So we’ve now gone away from this idea – we could have Desmond play as a woman. He might have to have some strange quips when he came out of it like “that feels weird”. But yeah, I think we could get away with it. If we didn’t make a big deal of it,” added Darby McDevitt, Lead Scriptwriter.

EGM’s TAKE: As long as it was approached correctly then fans would accept a female character quite easily, however if they got it all wrong then it could seriously hurt the series.

Would you like to see a female lead? Leave your thoughts below.

Source: VideoGamer


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