It’s the end of video game week on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and the Wii U took the last spot on the show’s lineup with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime dropping in for a visit. Jimmy Fallon pretty much flipped out over live demos of Nintendo Land and ZombiU, with Reggie detailing some of the features in each game.

During a quick round of Takamaru’s Ninja Castle, one of Nintendo Land‘s mini-games, Reggie demonstrated how the Wii U could be used as an aiming device to fire shurikens both dead-on and at curved angels.

In the ZombiU demo, the Wii U camera was put to work, transforming Fallon’s face into a grisly undead visage.

Although the Naughty Dog development team accidentally slipped the news to Fallon that The Last of Us was hard set for a “2013” release date, Reggie was far more coy, simply stating that the Wii U would be out this holiday season. And of course, no price announcement was mentioned either, although I bet he told Fallon behind closed doors and made him promise to keep it a secret.

Source: NBC via YouTube


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