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What do developers want from the next generation of consoles? Here are some answers!

Posted on August 4, 2011 AT 03:02pm

Eurogamer asked a variety of game developers what they wanted from the next console generation, and here are a sampling of their answers.

Nathaniel Chapma – Obsidian (Dungeon Siege III lead designer): One thing that is tricky with the next gen, and is beginning to be tricky with this gen, is that [the platform holders] seem to be splitting and going in their own directions with features. You have Move, you have Kinect, the Wii, and Wii U now.

Edmund McMillen – Team Meat (Super Meat Boy developer): Buttons. Buttons and game pads. Just give me my f***ing game pad back.

Alan Willard – Epic Games (senior technical artist and level designer): The content we generate for the current generation, we make very high polygon objects, and then we crunch those down into the game version of them. As we move to the ability to render those high polygon objects, it actually removes the step of having to go down to taking this really nice thing and making it look almost as good on something that is another object we have to build separately.

Nathan Vella – Capybara Games (CEO, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Sword & Sworcery developer): Most of all we’re hoping for consoles to beat Mode 7 and ratchet it up to Mode 8, and perhaps add way more layers of parallax scrolling.

Joonas Laakso – Bugbear (Ridge Racer Unbounded producer): I hope it’s not coming yet. Bring on Wii U – we need an HD Wii, so that’s fine – but we’re still getting to grips with the PlayStation and finding new things to do with the Xbox. I do admit with the demand of the physics [in Ridge Racer Unbounded] we are hitting the limits of what we can do, pure processing wise, but with graphics it’s good enough already, and I’m not at all convinced consumers are willing to shell out just for graphics alone.

Dave Ranyard – Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SingStar game director): I just want a portal to entertainment. I want to make some great games and I’m not that bothered about what the box is, to be honest. I just want to make a great game and get them to people to play.

Eric Chahi (From Dust creator): Oddly, I dont have any specific demands. In fact, my philosophy is more about adapting to existing technology, because there is always a way to create something original. As long as it is simple for the developer to programme and easy for players to use!

For the full answers the developers gave, plus a few developers we didn’t include, hit the link below.

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD! – Do you agree with what these developers had to say?

Source: Eurogamer

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