Nintendo’s original Wii console was near impossible to find at launch, and it looks like Wii U won’t be any easier to pick up when it hits shelves on November 18th. It’s already sold out at most retailers.

Even though the Wii U comes in two configurations, most places in North America don’t have them in stock online, which will force consumers to find local shops selling them in-person.

Just to recap, the Nintendo Wii U comes in two bundles that will be available during the holiday season:

  • Nintendo Wii U (Basic, $299.99) – 8GB Wii U console (white), Wii U GamePad (white), (2) AC adaptors, (1) sensor bar, (1) HDMI cable.
  • Nintendo Wii U (Deluxe, $349.99) – 32GB Wii U console (black), Wii U GamePad (black), (2) AC adaptors, (1) sensor bar, (1) HDMI cable, (1) WiiPad cradle, (1) WiiPad stand, (1) console stand, (1) free copy of Nintendo Land.

Most people started to pre-order as soon as Nintendo revealed the release date and price a few days ago, although some stores were taking reservations months and months in advance. Further anticipation was fueled by the long build-up, as Nintendo refused to confirm any information about the console until the last minute.

As far as major retailers, the majority of them are sold out, so if you want a Wii U console, you’ll have to call ahead and see if they’re keeping some for in-store only sales, and when they’re opening their doors. It seems that GameStop got the largest shipment, since they actually still have some 8GB Wii U units available online.


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